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The specialists of our clinic can prescribe the best treatment option in each case, but also to find the relationship of pathological processes and functions of the patient’s body systems.

Nowadays, pathological changes in the veins condition are an actual complaint of many patients, who are not very mobile. By posing a serious threat to health, a phlebologist’s consultation will help determine the state of health of each patient and, if necessary, begin the adequate course of treatment on time, allowing to forget about the harassing problem. Our clinic offers to patients qualitative treatment of such diseases.

We offer the best prices for phlebologist services in Kiev. Thanks to the vast experience and professionalism of our physicians the therapy you get at Ameda Family Clinic is highly effective. Our clients can also try a special  “Pretty legs” program, which lets you get rid of cosmetic problems without surgical intervention.  It is the best solution for those who want to part with unattractive spider and varicose veins.

Make an appointment with a phlebologist if you have the following symptoms

Being a common problem today, varicose veins require timely diagnosing and treatment. They can be both genetic and caused by a sedentary lifestyle. It can also be found in women, who are treated with hormones. Such symptoms as swollen feet by day’s end, feeling of bursting in limbs, pain and discomfort when the vein is palpated signal possible vein issues.

Those who feel weighted sensation in the legs after sitting for a long time, as well as patients with bluish skin and spider veins on their legs, should have a vascular ultrasound scan.

What does phlebology study?

Phlebology is a branch of medicine that studies the functioning and diseases of veins, including such conditions as:

  • varicose veins;
  • atherosclerosis of blood vessels of the legs;
  • post-thrombotic syndrome;
  • phlebopathies, and others.

 Treatment at Ameda Family Clinic

A phlebologist can help you solve all the above-mentioned problems. Thanks to innovative diagnostic methods, this specialist can identify the cause of the disease in each particular case and make an accurate diagnosis. Doppler ultrasound helps identify all the aspects of the patient's condition. A detailed description of the state of the veins can be obtained through such procedures as:

Consultation of a phlebologist will help in making a diagnosis and prescribing treatment, which can be carried out using several methods. The doctor should make a decision as to the medical treatment, the necessity of surgical intervention, or sclerotherapy. Such conditions are usually treated in several stages and can combine different techniques. This is done to avoid relapse and improve the treatment effectiveness. The comprehensive treatment, prescribed by the phlebologist of our clinic, gives not only an excellent aesthetic result, but also significantly accelerates the postoperative rehabilitation period. It improves the quality of life and radically eliminates the sources of pathology. Surgical intervention is performed using the newest equipment, which allows to carefully monitor the progress of the operation. At our clinic we also offer attractive prices for the services of a phlebologist.

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