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Ophthalmology department of Ameda Family Clinic in Kiev specializes in advanced eye care technologies. Our highly qualified and experienced specialists guarantee effective treatment and top-level care for every patient. We will help you get rid of most of the common disorders: astigmatism, cataract, glaucoma, myopia, and others. The diagnosis is based on the received computer data.

Eye problems can be caused by different reasons –– genetic, age- or lifestyle-related. If you need an urgent consultation of an ophthalmologist, Ameda Family Clinic specialists are always there for you.

Equipment used at Ameda Family Clinic

Our clinic uses new methods and modern inventions in global ophthalmology.

Ophthalmologist in Kiev examines eyes with special equipment –– a binocular refractometer.  This compact device measures refraction on the basis of eccentric InfraRed photo-refraction (also photo-retinoscopy).

Our specialists do computer eye diagnostics using an autorefractometer. During a regular check-up, it lets quickly detect eye lens pathology or cornea deformation and examine sphere, cylinder and axis at high refraction. Connected to the external monitor and optometric system, the device provides a high-resolution image. The cutting-edge equipment enables fast diagnosing and urgent treatment of eye diseases.

Staff and care

Our medical centre offers the following services:

  • Correction of refractive disorders;
  • Treatment of myopia;
  • Treatment of retinal and optic nerves.

To see the list of our doctors, please follow the  link

Treatment at Ameda Family Clinic

Treatment of eye diseases starts with a full examination of the patient. Our ophthalmologist in Kiev takes the time to carefully study the current state of the visual organs, using all his/her professional attention and skills, as well as modern equipment. The latter is necessary for testing the eye function and detecting the problems and their gravity.

 An ophthalmologist tests adults and children for:

  • Binocularity –– a skill where both eyes aim simultaneously at the same visual target and work together equally and accurately as a coordinated team.
  • Stereoscopic vision  –– the ability of organs of vision to create a 3D image.

If necessary, a comprehensive dilated eye exam is performed in order to examine the peripheral retina.

Highly experienced specialists of our clinic treat patients of all ages. With the help of high-tech equipment ophthalmologists make diagnoses fast and prescribe adequate treatment. The price-list of our services can be found on the official website of Ameda Family Clinic, in the PRICES section. You can make an appointment there as well. Choose the doctor, date and enter your personal data. The price of the procedure depends on its complexity and equipment required. All manipulations are painless: during the treatment patients can keep their usual lifestyle.

Eye check-ups should be done regularly. Dilated fundus examination, especially in senior age, is a must. It has practical meaning, since the retinal vessels are the first ones to react to the change in blood pressure and high blood sugar. We can also arrange a home visit of an ophthalmologist for you. You can book it directly on our website.  After we receive your request, we will contact you, and an ophthalmologist will come to your place.

 A full examination performed by the ophthalmologist of our clinic includes:

  • Eye exam;
  • Retina exam;
  • Computer diagnostics.

 Our doctors will also help you choose contact lenses. 

Please find Ameda Family Clinic contact details  Ameda.

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