Suddenly feeling sick? Negative symptoms, manifesting themselves in different ways, are often associated with acute or chronic internal diseases, upper respiratory tract infections (URTI) or intoxication. In critical life-threatening conditions you should call an ambulance, and paramedics will provide first aid. Your child will be immediately taken to the hospital, where the doctor will monitor his/her further condition.

If you use our house call service, an experienced pediatrician will come to any district of Kiev, make an examination of the little patient, provide a detailed assessment of his/her condition, give specific recommendations, and write a prescription, if necessary.

 The main principle is Do No Harm!

 The quality level of medical care plays a huge role for life and health, especially when it comes to the health of a child. A little patient cannot always explain what exactly troubles him/her, what and where hurts. Usually the kid just cries or screams. However, the attentive parents, who know their child well, can notice the slightest changes in the behaviour of their baby right away. Such changes can be signs of a disease. In emergency cases, when the condition is urgent and requires obligatory participation of specialists, it’s necessary to call an ambulance. If the child’s condition is not critical, please use the house call service.

Conditions that require house call service

There is an opinion that you should call for a doctor only in case of high fever. It’s absolutely wrong. You can use this service whenever needed, and fever is not the main and most important indication here.

Please call for a doctor if:

- you notice that the child under 3 starts feeling worse. Even if you don’t know what it is caused by, please call for a doctor to examine the baby;

- a rash appears on the child’s body;

- the temperature is above 37.4C;

- any kind of pain;

- gastrointestinal disorders, vomiting.

  • any kind of pain.
  • intestinal disorders, vomiting.

Any of these symptoms require immediate treatment. Only the doctor can prescribe the necessary treatment. Do not rely on your experience and practice of self-treatment in case of children illness. This can lead to serious complications. Highly qualified experienced specialists of the family medical centre “Ameda” will immediately come to help you and your child.

Price of a house call

If your child starts feeling worse, it is strongly recommended that you neither treat the kid on your own nor resort to some folk remedies, as this can lead to the most unpredictable consequences. The best solution in a non-emergent situation would be to call for a doctor by phone or use the form on our site.


Our doctors have a wide experience in treating various diseases in children. In order to arrange a pediatric home visit please call us by the number you can get on our website, leave a request, and a specialist will visit you in the shortest possible time. The price of this service is around 350 UAH. The operator will tell you the exact amount during the processing of your application.

Unfortunately, there are conditions that can be treated only at the hospital. In such situations pediatricians recommend to immediately go to the hospital, in order to receive the necessary medical care without delay. Our specialists can offer you hospitalization to our children’s inpatient unit, which provides very comfortable conditions for children. You can find more detailed information on hospitalization on our site. This department has 11 rooms, each accommodating one child and one parent. Every room is equipped with a WC, a shower, a TV, Wi-Fi, air conditioning.


When receiving treatment at our inpatient unit, you pay for:

- 24-h assistance of medical staff;

- 4 meals a day for the child and the parent;

- medications for treatment;

- necessary examinations;

- comfortable conditions.

 If an adult starts feeling bad as a result of poisoning, acute cardiovascular disease, spontaneous headache, or an allergic reaction of unknown etiology, you can also ask for a house call. After the examination a qualified doctor will provide a consultation and find the primary cause of your condition. An experienced general practitioner will make an accurate diagnosis, relieve pain, treat tachycardia and high blood pressure.

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