Program is for schoolboys, includes issuance of the 086-1/о form.

Come to the Family clinic “Ameda” to examine health and get a medical certificate for the school, issued legally (form 086-1/o). Such a card will be valid everywhere, cause we have an official medical license.

We have developed a special program for all children going to school. This proposal includes medical consultations and necessary medical examinations. You will receive a certificate on the form 086-1/o in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Usually the passage of all necessary examinations and registration of the child’s card takes 2 days. On the first day you take all the laboratory tests, and on the second day you are consulted by the necessary specialists, after that you receive a certificate.

Specially for you, we have developed the following services package: 

  • Pediatrician consultation
  • Other specialist consultation (to choose)
  • Anthropometry
  • The Ruffier functional test
  • 12-Lead EKG (with interpretation)
  • Complete blood count
  • Clinical urine test
  • Certificate on the form 086-1/o registration

The services costs according to price-list – 1553,00 UAH.

The services costs when purchasing package – 1,380.00 UAH.

Use all the advantages of our program:

  • Such a medical certificate will be valid everywhere, cause “Ameda” clinic has an official medical license.
  • All specialists examinations and analyses, necessary for issuance of this certificate, are included in this program, you don’t to pay anything additionally.
  • Discount for services -5% from price-list cost.

You can pass through all the specialists to get the form at a convenient time and in the shortest period (1-2 days), we also work on weekends.

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